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Persuasion Matrix

A persuasion matrix provides a systematic approach to finding which influence techniques are optimal for a given situation and audience. A matrix is also useful in discovering techniques that are available, but may not have occurred to the influence practitioner. Using the wrong technique can cause an influence attempt to backfire disastrously, and a good persuasion matrix therefore includes appropriate contraindications. I have been developing a matrix since the mid 90s, based on the five fundamental dimensions that I believe underlie all influence attempts:Persuasion Matrix

    • Dimension of Persuasion Process
    • Dimension of Communication Process
    • Dimension of Processing
    • Dimension of SituationVariables
    • Dimension of Person Variables

Sadly, the matrix isn't ready for unveiling yet. In the meantime, however, you may wish to visit the next section, Cult Influence Tactics, on the following page.

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