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Contact Dr. Rhoads for training, consulting, or speaking on topics of influence, compliance, communications, and group dynamics.

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  • A telephone call is the best way to contact Dr. Rhoads.
  • Telephone number in Los Angeles, CA is: 310-908-0695
  • If leaving a voice message, please indicate:
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Sadly, an enormous amount of spam hits this address. Therefore, email is not the most reliable form of contact. This address has both external and internal spam blockers activated. If you email, please remember to include:

  • A topic in the subject line that includes the word "Psychology" (my filters auto-delete emails without subject lines, with very short or very long subject lines, and other lines that look like spam.)
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All students--past, present, and future--please do NOT email me--call me instead. This email address is for business use only.

If you don't get an email response, please call. My auto spam blockers are aggressive and sometimes take out the good with the bad.

Cult-related inquiries--remember that my interest is only in cult recruitment techniques. I'm not the person to contact if you are having problems with a cult.

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Dr. Kelton Rhoads
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